McLaren reportedly voted against updated 2021 calendar

14-01-2021 18:25 | Updated: 14-01-2021 20:14
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McLaren reportedly voted against updated 2021 calendar

The updated calendar which was presented by the FIA this week has apparently not been to everyone's liking. The updated schedule, which was made in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the strict measures put in place in many countries, was not supported by McLaren, which believes that the more hectic schedule is detrimental to health and safety.

After the cancellation of the season opener in Melbourne, the FIA presented an adjusted schedule for the 2021 season this week. The races will, like in 2020, be more frequent and the triple header also makes a comeback. If the revised schedule is to be followed, the coming season will see twelve Grands Prix held in a span of 16 weeks.

Travel and time zones

McLaren is the only team that voted against the adjusted calendar, according to The team is said to be concerned about the health and safety of its staff in the midst of such a hectic schedule. The team has, however, declined to confirm its position to, citing confidentiality.

Not only the extensive traveling is reported to be a problem for McLaren, but the many different time zones also demand a lot from the people on the grid, especially during the triple headers. 

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