Stroll gets support from his father: "Then no one would doubt him"

13-01-2021 08:26 | Updated: 13-01-2021 09:05
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Stroll gets support from his father: Then no one would doubt him

Lance Stroll is not appreciated by every Formula 1 fan. The Canadian is said to owe his place in F1 mainly to his father, but Lawrence Stroll totally disagrees.

In 2017, Stroll debuted in Formula 1 as the reigning Formula 3 champion. Following Max Verstappen, Lance Stroll was able to make the switch to the premier class of motorsport directly from that class. With the Toyota Racing Series and the Italian Formula 4 Championship to his name, Stroll also has a fine CV.

Stroll at home in F1

At Williams and Racing Point, however, Stroll's brilliant moments alternated with mediocre and poor performances. His father, however, mainly points to the highlights. ''If you look at the achievements in his life, he has already become F3 champion and broken all records. Last season he was on pole in the rain and we all know that in the rain it's all about the driver," father Stroll told

"To have his car on pole in the rain in Turkey speaks for itself, as does the fact that he was then able to lead the race for 30 laps. For someone who is only 22 years old, look at what he has achieved over the last year. His performance on the track shows that he belongs here. If he wasn't my son, nobody would doubt him," concludes the Canadian businessman.

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