Binotto balks with Aston Martin: 'They don't have to use tokens for that'

12-01-2021 13:59 | Updated: 12-01-2021 16:40
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Binotto balks with Aston Martin: 'They don't have to use tokens for that'

For Ferrari , the 2020 season was one to forget. They finished sixth in the Constructors' Championship and could not get close to the top teams. This year the regulations are largely the same with a restriction on car development, making it another difficult year for the Italian team. In addition, the team has to deal with disadvantages due to the token system regarding the development of the car.

Repeat of 2020 will not be accepted

In a media conference attended by, team boss Mattia Binotto explained: "Another season like 2020 is not acceptable." But at the same time, he sharply tempers expectations by saying, "2022 is more important than 2021, when we enter a new era with new race cars, where we have to be at the front."

He continued: "If we have to start the season with a gap in 2022, it will be even harder to close that gap in 2023. So developing the car for 2022 is a priority for us now." But of course, Ferrari must not forget 2021 and that is where a frustration of Binotto's comes to the fore. Namely the use of tokens in contrast to customer teams.

To develop certain aspects of the car, teams can use tokens. As a manufacturer, you therefore have limited room to maneuver in order to achieve things. Binotto fears strong competition from McLaren, Aston Martin, Alpine F1, and AlphaTauri. Aston Martin in particular could be a tough act to follow.

Renewed gearbox and suspension

It is known that Mercedes renewed the gearbox and suspension in 2020. These renewals will also go to Aston Martin, a customer of Mercedes. Therefore, the team does not need to use tokens, whereas Ferrari has been forced to use its tokens to address the weakest points.

"We have to address the weak points and change the car, and to do that we have to use tokens. Other teams do not have to do that, which is a disadvantage for us. I expect very strong competition. in 2021."

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