Magnussen would have expected more: 'I though I would compete for the world title'

11-01-2021 11:23 | Updated: 11-01-2021 11:35
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Magnussen would have expected more: 'I though I would compete for the world title'

Kevin Magnussen made an impressive entry into Formula 1 in 2014 with a podium finish in his first race for McLaren. However, it remained only that one podium, while the Dane himself had expected much more.

Magnussen for the world title

In 2014 Magnussen made his Formula 1 debut for McLaren. The young Dane had been part of McLaren's youth programme for some time now and as Sergio Perez's transition in 2013 was disappointing, Magnussen will got the chance. In his first race he will drove to third place and later on he will even be awarded second place. It was promising, but dreams of more success didn't come true.

''It is of course difficult to estimate how things will turn out, but I have to say that at the start of my career, and especially after my first podium, I thought I could fight for the world title," says Magnussen to But that was quite disappointing. Magnussen finished 11th that year in the general classification and would only score 37 points in the rest of the season.

Magnussen could go to Force India

''It is difficult to predict how things will turn out in Formula 1. You just have to do your best and enjoy it as long as it lasts. I can't complain. I'm grateful for the opportunity I got from McLaren. I was supposed to go to Force India first, but at the last minute I was brought to McLaren. It was a hectic time around my debut.''

In the end, it wasn't Magnussen but Perez who would go to Force India. Because of the points from Jenson Button, McLaren Force India stayed ahead in the general classification, but that didn't last long. In 2015 Magnussen was replaced by Fernando Alonso. It went quickly downhill for the team from Woking.

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