Sainz satisfied with his choice: ''Nobody leaves Ferrari empty-handed''

08-01-2021 11:21 | Updated: 08-01-2021 11:59
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Sainz satisfied with his choice: ''Nobody leaves Ferrari empty-handed''

Carlos Sainz has left McLaren and joins Ferrari at the beginning of the 2021 Formula 1 season. In doing so, he leaves one top team for another, despite seeming so comfortable with the team.

Sainz leaves McLaren

Sainz was revived at McLaren after ending up in a rut at Renault. However, after just one season for McLaren, he signed a contract to drive for Ferrari in 2021. At that time a logical step, but with today's knowledge, Ferrari does not necessarily seem to be a step ahead.

"McLaren was already on an upward trend at the time, but with a team that won races and was on pole at the time and is also Ferrari, nobody else had done it in my situation. With all my respect and appreciation for McLaren, that's just the second best team and you can't hesitate when Ferrari knocks on your door,” said Sainz to

Inheritance of Ferrari

The fact that Sainz is now in a different environment doesn't really matter to him. "I also managed to create a good team at McLaren, so why not at Ferrari? I like Mattia Binotto and I am very happy with what I see and what we have talked about. There was no doubt that I cannot manage this situation at Ferrari."

The fact that drivers like Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel left without a title at the race stable does not detract from the glory of Ferrari.

"They leave there with victories and podiums in their pockets, so if you call that empty-handed .... I've only got two podium finishes left. They may leave without a world title, but that's the way it is with nineteen drivers every year, especially at a time when Mercedes and Red Bull are so dominant. Nobody leaves Ferrari empty-handed," Sainz resolutely concluded.

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