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Lammers: Max showed that they have made progress at Red Bull”

Lammers: "Max showed that they have made progress at Red Bull”

01-01-2021 12:15 Last update: 15:54


Red Bull Racing ended the 2020 Formula 1 season very positively. Namely with the victory of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Can they carry this through to next year?

Positive trend started at Red Bull

For Jan Lammers that last victory was the highlight of the season. "I thought that was the last race. For a number of reasons: Max showed that they did make steps at Red Bull anyway," says Lammers in an interview with the Dutch branch of Motorsport.com.

"And the story that Mercedes had reduced the engines a little. I don't think that went as far as they thought: 'Let Red Bull win just once'. So I think that's just hopeful, and let's hope that's a trend that has started and can be continued to next year."

He continues: "Red Bull have to be careful that they don't start thinking they're almost there because Mercedes wasn't on top of them. I think Red Bull still has something to do, but at least Abu Dhabi was a fantastic signal of what we can expect next year."