'Renault comes in 2021 with a brand-new engine that has been worked on for years'

30-12-2020 10:24 | Updated: 30-12-2020 10:49
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'Renault comes in 2021 with a brand-new engine that has been worked on for years'

Renault will continue in 2021 under the name Alpine Racing and will do so with Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon. Alonso returns after two years of absence and Renault gives him an engine that has been worked on for years.

The return of Alonso

Renault's return to Formula 1 in 2016 comes with a corresponding long-term plan. With the new regulations for 2021 in sight, Renault aims to return to the top in that year. Initially, Renault were struggling, but recently they have made good progress.

After a fourth place among the manufacturers in 2018, two fifth places will follow in 2019 and 2020. Prior to the 2020 season, Renault reports that all its arrows are focused on 2021, but with the new regulations postponed, they will be looking towards 2022. However, one part of the plan will come into force next year.

New Renault engine

According to the Spanish AS.com, Alonso will have a brand new Renault engine in 2021. Renault had everything focused on 2021 and in recent years was mainly working on that engine. So where the car remains largely the same, the engine will be a huge step forward.

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