Marko reveals Hulkenberg was a serious contender for Red Bull seat

22-12-2020 11:02 | Updated: 22-12-2020 15:07
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Marko reveals Hulkenberg was a serious contender for Red Bull seat

Sergio Perez is the new teammate of Max Verstappen, with the Mexican replacing Alex Albon. Where Christian Horner previously indicated that Nico Hulkenberg was never an option, Helmut Marko completely contradicts that.

In 2020, Albon's position was under pressure throughout the season. After a series of poor results and a strong performance by Hulkenberg, the German was soon linked to the Austrian race stable. According to Horner Hulkenberg was never an option, but Marko contradicts the team boss of Red Bull Racing.

Hulkenberg always an option for Red Bull

"Hulkenberg was indeed a serious candidate. We analyzed that in detail and weighed up the strengths and weaknesses of those three. In the end, we chose Perez about Hulkenberg, because he could bring knowledge about the Mercedes. Hulkenberg couldn't show itself very well this season either," Marko said to

Hulkenberg himself resigned himself to Red Bull's decision. "Sergio deserves that place and I can't change it now. I continue to prepare for my own future. I stay fit and ready for the moment I am needed. This season did show that you never know what can happen," said the German.

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