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Ecclestone: Always believed that Italians are the problem at Ferrari

Ecclestone: "Always believed that Italians are the problem at Ferrari"

20-12-2020 15:55 Last update: 19:26


Ferrari had an unprecedentedly bad season in 2020. For a similar performance from the Scuderia, we need to go back 40 years. Bernie Ecclestone thinks he knows exactly why and is not afraid to tell the Italians the truth.

"No offense, but I have always believe that the problem is the Italians," said the old F1 boss to La Stampa. "They all want to lead and each has their own ideas. I don't want to say that they can't, but they also have to involve the Germans, French and English. People who think differently."

Ecclestone gave this advice more than 25 years ago and that was the format for the most successful period the team has ever had. "What happened to Jean Todt is a good example of that. The Italians didn't want him, but I persuaded them to take him and then things turned around."

Ecclestone did have an Italian in mind

In his view, Binotto is certainly not the right man to lead this project. "I doubt if he ever really wanted to be team boss. He is an engineer and has always dealt with technical matters. They need a good manager in Maranello who puts the right people in the right place. Three years ago I thought Flavio [Briatore] was the ideal man for that, but he's too busy with his companies now."

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