Wolff: "Formula 1 can learn from Renault R25 demonstration Alonso"

17-12-2020 21:27 | Updated: 17-12-2020 21:59
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Wolff: Formula 1 can learn from Renault R25 demonstration Alonso

During the weekend of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last Formula 1 weekend of the year, Fernando Alonso came into action in his 2005 championship car: the Renault R25.

During interviews with the drivers, the car's howling V10 could be heard, while Alonso roared around the track with it. Several drivers commented that there is nothing more beautiful than that sound, something that many fans of the sport will agree with.

Formula 1 lacks the 'wow factor'

Alonso said after the test that this showed what Formula 1 is missing nowadays, and that people miss Formula 1 that they fell in love with in their childhood. Daniel Ricciardo also said that the test showed that Formula 1 lacks a wow factor.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff agrees that Formula 1 needs to figure out what made the car so impressive on the track, but also stresses that there is no room for V10 engines in modern motorsport.

"This car is a relic of the past, when reducing CO2 emissions was not important and electric mobility did not exist. We are entering a new era, and that also means that you have to be able to surrender. But I agree that the car looked spectacular: Agile, small, 150 kilos lighter and with a screaming engine," says Wolff to Motorsport.com.

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