Red Bull Racing trying new ideas for 2021

11-12-2020 09:35
F1 News
Red Bull Racing trying new ideas for 2021

In 2021, Formula 1 teams will have to simplify the floor of the car to ensure that the Pirelli tyre doesn't get into trouble with the extra downforce. Red Bull Racing is already testing some concepts of a new floor for next season in Abu Dhabi.

Because the aerodynamic rules that were due to come in next year have been postponed until 2022, Pirelli also got into trouble. The Italian tyre supplier did not take into account that the teams could develop aerodynamically for another year with the current tyres and therefore asked Formula 1 to reduce some parts.

The part that Formula 1 wants to lose the most downforce on is the floor, which has to be made very simple by the teams in 2021. This will of course have an impact on the whole balance of the car, so the teams will be happy to test this a bit earlier. For example, Red Bull Racing are testing some new ideas on the floor of Alexander Albon's car so they can get some data for next year.  

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