Verstappen not satisfied with car and circuit: "It's not really what you want"

04-12-2020 19:35
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Verstappen not satisfied with car and circuit: It's not really what you want

Max Verstappen finished second in Sakhir on Friday, but during the session, he mainly sounded dissatisfied with his car and lack of grip, especially at the front. He therefore has his doubts whether he can match the pace of Mercedes drivers George Russell and Valtteri Bottas

"Quite tricky. We haven't found the optimal setup. Especially in the short runs, it seems a bit lacking. Long runs didn't seem that bad, but even there I think we can do better. Understeer, oversteer, traction issues, there are a few things to look at."

Verstappen also not happy with the circuit

“It's not the most exciting to drive, to be honest. Because of the short track, the radio is constantly open. Traffic here, traffic there, it's not really what you want. Especially in the second sector it's quite blind, so it's pretty dangerous there," said Verstappen in front of the Sky Sports camera.

Also, Verstappen has little hope for the number of overtaking moves on this circuit.

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