Verstappen doesn't know what to expect: "It's a new challenge"

03-12-2020 19:25 | Updated: 03-12-2020 20:28
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Verstappen doesn't know what to expect: It's a new challenge

Max Verstappen says he is driving more consistently in 2020. The Red Bull Racing driver hopes to take a step forward with his team in 2021 and take up the challenge with Mercedes. Also, the Dutchman expects the race at the Outer Loop to be unique.

Verstappen is positive about the past year. "Compared to previous years, things are going better. I am more consistent this year," says the Dutchman quoted by "Hopefully next year we will be a bit more competitive so we can challenge Mercedes a bit more."

The Outer Loop of Bahrain

This weekend will again be raced at the Bahrain International Circuit, but the layout has changed compared to last week. "The layout is absolutely unique. It will also be quite sandy, because that part of the circuit is not often used", says Verstappen according to

Still, the Dutchman is looking forward to the new layout of the circuit. "It is a new challenge. It's something a bit different. We'll see what it delivers," concludes Verstappen.

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