Verstappen not happy with Drive to Survive: ''I don't think you can do that''

03-12-2020 09:57 | Updated: 03-12-2020 14:28
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Verstappen not happy with Drive to Survive: ''I don't think you can do that''

Max Verstappen has enough time between racing and Formula 1 seasons to watch plenty of TV. In conversation with Edwin Evers, Verstappen indicates that he does not like the Formula 1 series on Netflix.

Verstappen can watch hours of series

The Formula 1 drivers are of course very busy at the moment with three races in a row, but between the races and especially during the winter break, the drivers have a lot more time to relax. In a new video from G-Star Raw interview radio-DJ, Edwin Evers, Verstappen with this time Film and TV as themes.

''I'm watching Bad Blood now, it's good. Once I start it will be finished in a couple of days. For example, I started a bit late with Game of Thrones, but I watched it in a fortnight. In January and February you're only training and when you get home you get tired on the bed and it can get late," says Verstappen.

Verstappen is not a fan of the F1 series

Nowadays, there are more and more sports documentaries, in which sports or sports teams are followed. ''I have seen The Last Dance. I liked that one. I only find it hard to empathize if you're not involved. Of course, you can make a series like that as beautiful as you want," says the Dutchman, who for that reason is not a fan of the Netflix series on Formula 1, Drive to Survive.

''Yes, I don't like that one at all. There is quite a lot of 'faked'. I know what conversations I've had with my engineers and there are just certain things in that series that I said in Australia or Austria, used for another Grand Prix to make it a bit more exciting. I don't think that is possible. That's just looking for thrills," concludes Verstappen.

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