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Verstappen asked about his heroes from F1 history: 'None'.

Verstappen asked about his heroes from F1 history: 'None'.

02-12-2020 20:37


For those who wonder if Max Verstappen has any idols from the history of Formula 1, the suspense is finally resolved: He doesn't have any. He never used to have heroes in general, he even admits in an interview with Edwin Evers.

In the interview, which has the theme of 'Film and TV', presenter Edwin Evers asks if Max ever rewatches at old races, in order to relive the racing talent of his idols. Max answers: "No, and I never used to have those either; heroes."

Then what was hanging on his wall when he was little, Evers wants to know. "I had a world map. Of all the countries with their capitals." Max nuances directly: "This was when I was 8 or 9." "That wasn't so long ago", jokes Evers.  

Pretty handy

Max also explains that although the world map wasn't there as an aspiration for all the major circuits he wanted to visit as a Formula 1 driver, the knowledge now helps him on the many journeys he has to make during a season. 

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