FIA responds to criticism: Alters Sakhir crash barrier

02-12-2020 18:20 | Updated: 02-12-2020 19:30
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FIA responds to criticism: Alters Sakhir crash barrier

After the violent crash of Romain Grosjean, as well as the subsequent questions raised about the safety of the crash barrier, the FIA has now made an adjustment that ensures that such an accident will not happen again.

This is shown by a picture from Albert Fabrega on Twitter, who is present at the circuit in Bahrain. After the heavy crash from the Haas and the breaking of the crash barrier, there was a lot of criticism: A solution had to be found.

A major problem was that Grosjean's car didn't bounce off the barrier, but drilled straight through it and got stuck. As a result, the Haas car suffered a heavy impact and broke in two.

Issue addressed

But this problem now seems to be solved, or at least addressed by the FIA: the crash barrier has been replaced by a kind of wall that we often see on a Formula 1 circuit. This will ensure that a car that gets off the track will not get stuck. 

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