Surer: 'Ferrari is waiting for the day that they can put him in the car'

02-12-2020 11:32 | Updated: 02-12-2020 11:58
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Surer: 'Ferrari is waiting for the day that they can put him in the car'

Mick Schumacher has now been officially confirmed as a driver for Haas in 2021, where he will sit next to Nikita Mazepin. With the arrival of Schumacher in the king's class of motorsport, the legendary surname returns in Formula 1, but he faces a challenge.

He has the qualities

Of course, Haas is not a top team and Schumacher will have to develop, but despite that, Schumacher certainly has the potential to become world champion. This is what former F1 driver Marc Surer stated in an interview with, he was asked if Schumacher has the right qualities and skills: "Yes, he does."

Still, most connoisseurs agree that Schumacher is not a talent of the calibre of Schumacher senior, Senna, Verstappen and more, but that doesn't exclude that he can't get there with hard work. "I think that with this talent and the way he puts it into practice, he is ideal for Formula 1. With Mick I see the talent that he can put into practice what he learns. This is very, very important in Formula 1.

"Formula 1 is so complicated, it's not just about pure talent," with which Surer echoes earlier sounds about hard work. What Schumacher has with him is that "he learns, and he learns very quickly." And Schumacher could put what he has learned into practice, and he has proven this in the lower classes he is currently and in recent years.

"He is able to put what he has learned into practice, otherwise he would not have won the championship in his second year in Formula 3 or Formula 2. He shows that he can do it."

For now, however, he needs to develop and gain experience, and he only has a chance of winning a championship with a top team. Ferrari is of course watching and according to Surer they are waiting quietly.

"I believe Ferrari is waiting for the day when they can put him in the car. And while that will certainly be a few years in the future, the Scuderia should be a logical destination for a Ferrari junior in Grand Prix racing," says Surer who expects Schumacher to reach the big Ferrari sooner or later.

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