BREAKING: George Russell replaces Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes!

02-12-2020 07:09 | Updated: 02-12-2020 09:25
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BREAKING: George Russell replaces Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes!

George Russell will replace Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes and Jack Aitken will in turn replace the Brit at Williams. The teams announced this on Wednesday morning.

Now that Hamilton has become infected with the coronavirus, Mercedes must hurry to find a new driver for the second Grand Prix in Bahrain. However, Toto Wolff did not have to look far. Everyone wants to sit in the seat of the seven-time world champion!

Russell replaces Hamilton

However, the deal is already done. Mercedes takes Russell away from Williams for one race to race in Hamilton's place. This gives the Brit a huge opportunity to show himself against Valtteri Bottas and he can finally score his well-earned points.

Jack Aitken made the switch from Renault to Williams last year and is now reaping the benefits. As a reserve rider for the British team, he can fill in for Russell.

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