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The sky has cleared at Ferrari: Let's not make a drama out of it

The sky has cleared at Ferrari: "Let's not make a drama out of it"

01-12-2020 19:20 Last update: 20:27


Just after the restart of the Bahrain GP, there was a lot of activity on the onboard radio of Sebastian Vettel. The German expressed his displeasure about the overtaking action of his teammate Charles Leclerc. The four-time world champion was angry, but the two have now made peace again.

Leclerc vs. Vettel

"He pretended I wasn't there. He can't do that," Vettel said directly on his on-board radio when his younger teammate passed by on the right. The gap Leclerc dived into was small, maybe too small. The Ferrari teammates talked about it.

"We talked about it," Leclerc is quoted by Formel1.de. "I can only say it was incredibly close at the start. On the other hand, unlike last time at the Styrian GP, I tried to make myself visible this time".

Vettel doesn't make a drama out of it

Vettel was surprised that the Monegasque jumped into the extremely small hole that was still open. With three guys in the corner, there are often problems. Leclerc continues: "You can argue for a long time about whether or not there was enough space between the two cars.

"I don't think we should make a big drama out of it. Of course, it was very close. Sometimes you can go through the same curve with three cars next to each other, but most of the time that doesn't work. We've talked about it and now we're moving on. Absolutely no drama," Vettel said.