"Everyone is worried about how Albon is doing, we forget Verstappen's talent"

01-12-2020 16:20 | Updated: 01-12-2020 17:50
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Everyone is worried about how Albon is doing, we forget Verstappen's talent

The Sakhir Grand Prix will be held without Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton next Sunday, this is the ideal time to draw a conclusion once and for all as to whether Hamilton is really that good, or only drives a good car. Or at least, this is argued by experienced F1-journalist Joe Saward.

The race at Sakhir will settle once and for all that Lewis Hamilton not only benefits from his dominant car but also his enormous racing talent, Saward said during the Inside F1 podcast. His main argument for this lies in the comparison with Bottas, who 'sometimes performs very mediocrely in the same car.' Thus Saward concludes: 'Hamilton is in a class of its own.'

According to Saward, the Mercedes team isn't the only one with a big difference between the performance of both drivers, even at Red Bull, there is a top talent and a less strong driver. 'Exactly the same thing is happening at Red Bull' explains Saward. 'Everyone is constantly worried about how Alex Albon is doing, but we forget that Max Verstappen is just a huge talent. Having said that, I don't think Albon is doing so badly.'

Verstappen vs Hamilton

To find out who is the better driver out of Hamilton and Verstappen, Saward has only one solution: let them both drive the same car. And although Saward also knows that this won't be the reality any time soon, he can't help but hope a little. 'I would love to see them in the same car.'


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