Verstappen is frustrated: "He played their chances down again"

01-12-2020 10:25 | Updated: 01-12-2020 12:18
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Verstappen is frustrated: He played their chances down again

Max Verstappen finished in second, behind Lewis Hamilton. For Verstappen, the Brit is still too strong with his Mercedes and according to some that causes frustration with the Dutchman.

Verstappen was able to step on the podium in Bahrain. That was the first time Red Bull Racing made it to the podium in Bahrain since 2013, when they won the race with Sebastian Vettel. A great achievement for Red Bull and Verstappen, but according to Sky Sports' Formula 1 journalist Rachel Brookes, Verstappen did not really see any positive points.

Verstappen looks frustrated

''Once at the track on Thursday I had an interview with Max Verstappen to do where he told me that he wasn't bothered about the possibility of beating Valtteri Bottas to second in the Drivers' Championship, he was only here to win," Brookes says in her column for the British medium.

''I tried to look at the positives with him and said that the update packages that keep coming must surely be a positive sign in terms of the continuing development and improvements setting them up well for 2021, potentially. He played their chances down again and said they had thought that in previous years and it hadn't materialised. He cuts a frustrated figure right now and again had to watch Lewis take a title he has every belief of emulating if he just had the car to challenge him," concludes the journalist.

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