Formula 1 responds to Ricciardo’s broadcast criticism

30-11-2020 09:44 | Updated: 30-11-2020 10:42
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Formula 1 responds to Ricciardo’s broadcast criticism

After the Bahrain Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo was unhappy with the way in which Romain Grosjean's crash was broadcast by Formula 1. He described it as disgusting. Formula 1 has now responded to the Australian's statements.

Disgust and disappointment

"I would like to underline my disgust and disappointment with Formula 1. The way the Grosjean incident was broadcast. That was completely disrespectful and thoughtless," Ricciardo reacted in front of the cameras after the race. "Not just for his family watching, but for us as well."

The Formula 1 organisation reacted today to Ricciardo's statements and said that all the established protocols had been followed. "Firstly, this isn't about entertainment. Following an accident no footage is shown until there is confirmation that the driver is OK," the spokesman said on

First images

After the live images of the crash, there were no images of the accident for a long time. The first images that were broadcast were those of Grosjean in the medical car. "No replays of an accident are shown until there is approval and confirmation from race control/FIA that all persons are safe - driver, marshals and doctors. Replays then started."

There is a constant dialogue between Formula 1, the FIA and the race management. "And then we make a sound judgement concerning viewers, families and those affected."

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