This is what literally made Perez's podium go up in smoke

30-11-2020 06:58
This is what literally made Perez's podium go up in smoke

Sergio Perez was running in the podium places in the final stages of the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Racing Point driver was then forced into retirement due to a problem with the MGU-K. Another podium was therefore not available on Sunday afternoon.

Perez could have been on three podium times in a row, but in Imola, he dropped out of the top three due to a strategic error and the engine threw a spanner in the works at the Bahrain International Circuit. The Mexican is disappointed: "When I had to park the car, it was a hard blow for me personally," he is honest with, among others.

The reason for the failure of the power unit was an electronic problem with the MGU-K. Whether there is permanent damage will have to be determined if Mercedes has further investigated the cause of the problem.

Perez can put things into perspective

Despite the number of Championship points Perez and Racing Point missed was important, they are much relieved that Romain Grosjean is doing well under the circumstances. "But after what happened today, you have to put it all into perspective. A podium is more or less not important. That became completely irrelevant after the accident. The important thing is that Romain is still with us today and that he did this accident. has survived," he concludes.

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