Steiner does not rule out Grosjean participation next week: 'Knowing him'

29-11-2020 19:22
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Steiner does not rule out Grosjean participation next week: 'Knowing him'

The entire Formula 1 paddock was shocked when they saw the impact of Romain Grosjean's crash. It was not immediately clear from the TV images that he had stepped out of the wreckage unharmed. Of course, that tension was greatest for his family and the Haas team.

Guenther Steiner tells Sky Sports how happy he is that it all turned out well. "I just talked to Romain on the phone. He's all right. He'll be in the hospital at night, but he's okay, so we're very happy. His physio was in direct contact with his wife because they know each other. well, so he gave her the news."

Grosjean in the car next week?

Grosjean's career in F1 comes to an end after the current season. With that, there's a question mark over whether we'll see him race F1 again. "Knowing him, absolutely. He wants to come back, but we'll see tomorrow when they take the bandages off because he has no idea what they look like. Right now. The only good thing is that nothing bad has happened. He is safe, he is healthy and we will discuss the rest with the doctors tomorrow."

Then the question is asked who could be the possible replacement for Grosjean, but Steiner does not want to think about that yet. "I don't want to talk about a back-up plan. The back-up plan is to let Romain race if he feels like it."

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