Brawn after horror crash: "The fire and piercing the crash barrier is disturbing"

29-11-2020 18:09 | Updated: 29-11-2020 18:16
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Brawn after horror crash: The fire and piercing the crash barrier is disturbing

Ross Brawn says the FIA will do a major investigation into the horrorcrash of Romain Grosjean. The Frenchman collided almost head-on into the crash barrier and pierced it with part of his car.

Mega crash Grosjean was disturbing

"A number of things have happened that shouldn't work that way. The fire was disturbing and piercing the crash barrier was also disturbing. I think the safety of the car is very positive," says Brawn about Grosjean's accident.

"A crash barrier that breaks used to be a normal problem and would normally have been fatal. The halo saved Romain today. It was a lifesaver today," says the Brit to Sky Sports.

Not the way it's supposed to go

"A lot of G-forces were released. We have to look up how everything failed. Everything is designed to fail in a certain way. But a crash as catastrophic as this one caused everything to go differently than normal," continues Brawn.

"We even had fire through the fuel tank. The fuel tank is very strong, so I think it's because of a broken connection. If there were 100 pounds in the car, it would create a mega-fire, which to me looked like a couple of pounds of fire. Not 100 kilos," concludes Brawn.

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