Update: Grosjean to hospital after a hard crash in the first corner

29-11-2020 14:20 | Updated: 29-11-2020 14:50
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Update: Grosjean to hospital after a hard crash in the first corner

The start of the Bahrain Grand Prix was chaos. While many drivers still managed to get through the first corner without any damage, things went completely wrong in the second corner. A number of drivers hit each other and a huge crash ensued, with Romain Grosjean's car shooting hard into the wall and exploding.

Max Verstappen was well on his way and took second place. Behind that Valtteri Bottas had a bad start and fell back a number of places. However, things went well in midfield and Grosjean shot off hard. Fortunately, the Frenchman was able to get off the car and soon images cameof the Haas driver in the FIA medical car.

The FIA took immediate action and a red flag soon appeared. The drivers are now back in the pitlane, while the circuit will be repaired.

Update : Grosjean to hospital for checkup

Although the first indication is that Grosjean has a number of minor burns, the damage appears to be more than expected. Haas indicated that the Frenchman is now going to the hospital with a suspected broken rib. So the damage to Grosjean is a bit more than originally expected.

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