"An uncomfortable aspect of F1 that Sergio Perez could be down the job centre"

29-11-2020 13:14 | Updated: 29-11-2020 13:31
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An uncomfortable aspect of F1 that Sergio Perez could be down the job centre

While Red Bull Racing maintain that they won't make a decision about their lineup until the end of the season, Sergio Perez will be holding a press conference next Monday, probably about his future. This raises the question of whether the Mexican will announce on Monday that he will drive for Red Bull, or whether he will take a year out. 

If it is up to the Sky Sports analysts, Perez is going to announce that he is taking a gap year. "I think that if Red Bull do change Albon, it's most likely to be Sergio Perez. There are still a number of if's and maybe's in there. He's in the form of his life and he's driving so well," Martin Brundle explains.

"It's a very uncomfortable aspect of Formula 1 for me that Sergio Perez could be down the job centre, with his qualifying sheet and his race results, explaining what he's good at. He would be a brilliant super suband should be in a car for me." 

Perez in the shape of his life

Former F1 driver Paul di Resta joins Brundle in hoping that the Mexican can still find a place before 2021.

"He's keeping the momentum up. If you look at the form of Carlos Sainz last season and the chance he gets next year, Sergio is currently in that shape, but he won't get that chance. It's hard to think that he won't be on the grid next year. He will fight for it today. If he wants to prove himself, he has to show it today," Di Resta concludes.

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