Hamilton wants competition for Pirelli: "They have no one to compare"

29-11-2020 12:16 | Updated: 29-11-2020 12:59
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Hamilton wants competition for Pirelli: They have no one to compare

The test with Pirelli's 2021 tyres did not quite go as expected for the Italian tyre supplier. Many drivers were complaining about the lack of grip and after the practice sessions they were not happy with Pirelli. Lewis Hamilton was already dissatisfied with Pirelli on Friday and after qualifying.

"I have, of course, said a lot about it before. I have a lot of respect for everyone at Pirelli and I have a good connection with most of them, but it is quite difficult for us. We try to give tips and offer support but nothing changes. Even if we are not positive in the media, nothing changes," explains Hamilton at the FIA press conference

Competition in F1 is needed

"I miss the tyre war of the past in Formula 1. I think it can work. If you don't have a competition then you don't have anyone to compare with."

The seven-time world champion thus uses the comparison between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes to emphasise the importance of competition in F1. 

"Remember that we as a team, or Max (Verstappen, ed.) and his team also learn from each other. If it were not for us, they would not develop as much as they do now. They are now in pursuit and fighting against other teams. Formula 1 has to do things differently in the future and that's something we have to go after too," Hamilton said.

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