Sainz "very angry" after a broken brake disc ruined qualifying

28-11-2020 17:02
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Sainz very angry after a broken brake disc ruined qualifying

Carlos Sainz caused a red flag during qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix when his car stopped after a spin in turn 1. The replay showed that the spin was probably caused by a technical fault. Something that Sainz is very angry about afterwards.

McLaren quickly confirmed that it was a broken brake disc on the back of the car. An incident that Sainz couldn't do anything about, but it has ruined his weekend. At least he is convinced of that himself.

Strategy problems for McLaren

“It leaves us with very few options when we lose that set of tyres through those locking wheels. That is why I am very angry, I am sorry, but I am very angry," the young Spaniard said to Movistar with disappointment. "The two sets of the medium I saved, one is ruined and I'm sure I can't even use it."

He is also disappointed with the fact that he has to start somewhere at the back of this circuit. "Yes, you can come back, but it gets very complicated. Especially since the top ten are going to start with the medium, and those of us starting behind them won't benefit from any other strategy."

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