Pirelli perseveres: "To be honest, we don't want that either"

28-11-2020 08:05 | Updated: 28-11-2020 10:13
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Pirelli perseveres: To be honest, we don't want that either

During the first free practice sessions on Friday in Bahrain, the drivers tested the new Pirelli rubber. The 2021 prototype tyres were received with a lot of criticism. Mario Isola defends himself.

Firmer tires for 2021

Pirelli, led by Isola, sees no reason not to continue next year with the tyre used on Friday. Autosport quotes the Italian: "We have discussed the introduction of the new tyre extensively with teams and the FIA.

"We've explained what we've done with the tyres and the FIA has approved it," Isola says.

Current tires will not be maintained under any circumstances

Isola continues: "We've given the teams the specifications of the new tyres, so they can collect data and other useful information about the new tyres. The ability to return to the current tyres is not an option."

"To be honest, we don't want that at all, because we've just done our job," concludes the Pirelli chief. "We've made a tyre that's more resistant to wear and tear. That was the main goal."

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