Verstappen: "Not a good feeling when the car is done when it matters"

27-11-2020 22:45 | Updated: 27-11-2020 23:31
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Verstappen: Not a good feeling when the car is done when it matters

Max Verstappen had a somewhat difficult start to the Grand Prix weekend in Bahrain, but managed to improve in the second free practice session with a second place. His teammate, Alex Albon however, had an even harder day as he had a heavy crash in FP2.

In an interview for Formula 1 Café on Dutch television channel Ziggo Sport, Olav Mol asked Max Verstappen if he has already spoken to his teammate because he thought it looked pretty intense.

"Don't put it on, is that part of it? If you can't handle that, or if people think you have to feel sorry for them - not really," Verstappen said.

Of course it's better if this happens on Friday and not Saturday. "But it's not good for yourself, of course, if the car is already flat in the session that matters."

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