Schumacher suggests that Hulkenberg has a slightly better chance than Perez

26-11-2020 12:10 | Updated: 26-11-2020 12:42
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Schumacher suggests that Hulkenberg has a slightly better chance than Perez

There has been a lot to do this season about the seat next to Max Verstappen. Alexander Albon has had the whole year to prove he deserves it, but the general expectation is that Red Bull Racing will put either Sergio Perez or Nico Hulkenberg in their second seat.

Albon's seat

As the end of the season is fast approaching, demand is more relevant than ever. Who will be driving next year at Red Bull Racing alongside Verstappen? The two drivers mentioned both have their advantages, says Ralf Schumacher in his column for Sky Sports Germany.

"While Nico Hulkenberg is condemned to watch the race for a possible seat at Red Bull, Perez can advertise himself. On the track and he does it in a fantastic way," including recently in Turkey where the Mexican finished second.

Two strong drivers

"I think they would both be very strong second drivers alongside Max Verstappen. They both have what it takes. They are both mentally very, very strong," says Schumacher. It remains to be seen whether it will turn out this way, of course, because that decision is in the hands of Helmut Marko and Dietrich Mateschitz.

"In the end, they decide who will sit next to Max in the cockpit. Personal reasons will also play a major role here. And Nico certainly hasn't got the worst of it..." with which Schumacher suggests that the chances for Hulkenberg may be just a little bigger.

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