Formula 1 set for warm weekend in Bahrain

25-11-2020 07:13 | Updated: 25-11-2020 10:30
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Formula 1 set for warm weekend in Bahrain

The Bahrain Grand Prix is the first Grand Prix in a long time to be held in warmer conditions. No cold, no rain and no wind, just the warm temperatures in Sakhir.

Formula 1 usually draws up a calendar in which there is as good a chance as possible that every race will have good conditions. Europe is visited during the summer season, while countries such as Bahrain and Abu Dhabi are scheduled later or early in the season. This year this was slightly different because of the coronavirus.

Rain in the desert?

Because of the pandemic, the calendar had to be adjusted and the previous races were all still in Europe. That is why we occasionally saw some bizarre conditions in Mugello, Imola and Turkey, because it was very cold for the F1 cars and especially the Pirelli tyres.

However, the Italian tyre supplier can breathe a sigh of relief this weekend, because for the first time in a long time the drivers are leaving for a place where it will not be colder than twenty degrees all weekend. Of course there will be races at the end of the afternoon and the beginning of the evening, but even then, according to, the temperatures are higher than the previous races. Also rain is not to be expected in the desert.

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