F1 Social Stint | Hamilton makes his appearance in FIFA 21

24-11-2020 09:41 | Updated: 24-11-2020 11:41
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F1 Social Stint | Hamilton makes his appearance in FIFA 21

The drivers and teams have had a week off, but what do the drivers do in their free time? In the F1 Social Stint we've been looking at what the drivers and teams are doing in preparation for the next Grand Prix in Bahrain.

Hamilton makes its appearance in the new game FIFA 21!

Lewis Hamilton makes his appearance as a 'Groundbreaker' in FIFA 21. Anthony Joshua, Dua Lipa, and now Lewis Hamilton can be seen in the trailer as one of the players and makes his debut in the football game.

Alonso enjoys every round during test in Abu Dhabi

Fernando Alonso is preparing for his return to Formula 1 at Renault and has done another test in Abu Dhabi. The Spaniard claims to be enjoying every lap and the speed of Formula 1 cars again. However, he now only hopes to test in this season's F1 car.

Father Hamilton outsmarts son

At a time when Formula 1 drivers need to isolate themselves as much as possible, it is difficult to celebrate winning a world title. Lewis Hamilton, therefore, celebrated his success by spending time with his family. He played a spot of tennis with his father Anthony who on this occasion, got the better of him.

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