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Red Bull to wait longer for decision: 'Vote did not take place'

Van de Grint: "Only Max and Honda know the reason why"

23-11-2020 21:10
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Van de Grint: Only Max and Honda know the reason why

This weekend the Grand Prix of Bahrain is planned. Something Red Bull Racing will not want is a repeat of the Turkish Grand Prix. Allard Kalff and Kees van de Grint look back on the last race in Slipstream.

From dream weekend to disaster weekend

It seemed to be a promising weekend, but from the start everything seemed to go wrong. "Max had a very bad start," says Kalff. "We've seen a lot of people starting in second gear. Why didn't Red Bull Racing do that? There may be a technical reason, or they didn't think of it."

"The latter seems unlikely," says Van de Grint. "But only Max and Honda know the reason why. I can't imagine that they forgot. It must have been a technical issue, they probably didn't have a choice".

Something else that went wrong was the front wing that was misaligned during a pit stop of Max Verstappen. "A wing that, certainly on one side, was turned up the wrong way. No matter how that happened, I think it's simply amateurish".

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