Russell puts compliments from others into perspective: 'Background noise'

22-11-2020 16:31 | Updated: 22-11-2020 17:06
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Russell puts compliments from others into perspective: 'Background noise'

George Russell crashed in the last two Grands Prix's. Especially that first time on the Imola circuit he can blame himself, because at that moment he was in a promising position for a points finish. Afterwards he was strict with himself, something that according to Lewis Hamilton, among others, is not necessary.

The world champion praised Russell for his performance with the Williams this season. Especially the fact that he regularly qualifies in Q2 is impressive in the eyes of Hamilton. “I obviously really appreciate these comments, without a shadow of a doubt,” is Russell's reaction to

Russell remains hard on himself

Nevertheless, he does not want to set too much store by it either. “It’s almost background noise, really, because I know I have to continue to perform week in, week out. As fantastic as it is getting a pat on the back and praise from these guys, I’ve got to back that up with the job that I do on-track.

"I’ve always tried not letting comments like this get into my head. I’m doing this sport for myself and my family," said Russell, adding that no one can put more pressure on him than he does so himself.

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