Bizarre MotoGP season comes to an end; Formula 1 is looking on

22-11-2020 15:42 | Updated: 22-11-2020 17:03
Bizarre MotoGP season comes to an end; Formula 1 is looking on

The MotoGP closed the season this Sunday at the circuit of Portimao. The race was won by the Portuguese Miguel Oliveira, driving for the satellite team of KTM. Again a surprising winner in what can be seen as the most crazy season of the century.

It all started with the crash of Marc Marquez during the first race of the season at the Jerez circuit. The world champion broke his arm and had to be operated on twice. Because of this he didn't come into action for the rest of the season and this is probably partly the reason why it was such a crazy year.

It was so unpredictable in MotoGP this year that in the end the most constant rider managed to win the world title. Joan Mir won just one race, but he was on the podium more often than anyone else, so he was already sure of the title at Valencia last week.

MotoGP an example for Formula 1

So, where Lewis Hamilton experienced perhaps his most dominant year in Formula 1, the disappearance of Marquez opened the doors for all sorts of new stars. A total of nine different drivers won a Grand Prix and with the exception of Aprilia, all manufacturers were involved.

This is the second reason why the MotoGP season was so exciting. Thanks to extra freedom in the development of their bikes, Ducati, Suzuki and now KTM have been able to close the gap to Honda and Yamaha in recent years. A similar system will also be implemented by F1 from next season onwards, and this MotoGP season promises a lot in that respect.

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