Vettel: "We're wasting a lot of money, so why not use it for something useful?"

22-11-2020 15:01 | Updated: 22-11-2020 15:36
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Vettel: We're wasting a lot of money, so why not use it for something useful?

Sebastian Vettel has on several occasions in recent years expressed his dissatisfaction with the state of the current engines. In his opinion, they do not offer the spectacle that is part of the sport to both drivers and fans. Out of frustration, he once called out that he wants V12 engines back in Formula 1.

In the world of motor sport, however, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Vettel, too, is aware of this and does not want to stand in the way of progress. In order to maintain engine noise and the driving characteristics of internal combustion engines in the future, he has placed his hopes on synthetic fuels.

"There are some plans for the future and I think the most interesting is the intention to use biofuels or synthetic fuels in the future. That could really make a difference," said the Ferrari driver in an interview with Sky Sports.

Formula 1 should be leading again

Synthetic fuels do not use fossil raw materials and would in theory be able to burn in a climate-neutral way. However, the development of this is still in its infancy and Vettel believes that F1 can play a major role in accelerating that process.

"We have the technology and the right engineers to make faster progress, and that is a whole new role for Formula 1. We have the resources and we are wasting a lot of money. So why not use it for something useful that can also be implemented on the road."

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