Massa expresses expectation on return Alonso: "It's good for F1"

22-11-2020 09:53 | Updated: 22-11-2020 11:13
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Massa expresses expectation on return Alonso: It's good for F1

Fernando Alonso will return next year as F1 driver. The Spaniard drove with McLaren until 2018, before going on adventures in other racing classes. Now he is ready for a new challenge in F1, which he has found at Renault. According to Felipe Massa, Alonso's return may be successful, although he does not expect it.

"Fernando really is a phenomenon, a talent that you don't often see in drivers. You have to remember that he doesn't go to a top team and that he hasn't driven F1 for two years. It may have a negative effect, as happened with Michael Schumacher," Massa explains in conversation with AS. Schumacher returned to Mercedes after three years of absence in F1, but never managed to reach his top level.

Schumacher or Alonso?

"Age is also a factor. Fernando turns 40 and starts fighting drivers who are 20-25 years old. I have to admit that Fernando is a talent and is doing tremendously well. It is certainly positive for F1 that he is returning." Massa has experience with both drivers, because he has had both as team mates at Ferrari.

The Brazilian explains that he had the most trouble with Alonso. "Schumacher was a kind of teacher to me and I didn't have that rivalry with him as I did with Alonso." So the most difficult teammate was Alonso and if he could choose a driver to work with, Massa knows that. "Then I would go for Schumacher. It's true that Fernando didn't have the fastest car, as Michael did, but Schumacher has seven world titles. Figures are important and make all the difference," says Massa.

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