Hamilton the best driver ever? We won't know until Verstappen has become champion'

21-11-2020 18:25 | Updated: 22-11-2020 00:25
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton the best driver ever? We won't know until Verstappen has become champion'

Lewis Hamilton won his seventh world championship in Turkey, putting the Briton on a par with Michael Schumacher. However, it was not a big celebration at Mercedes, because due to the strict corona measures in F1 it is not possible to celebrate the fact that Hamilton shares the record with Schumacher. Nevertheless, Mercedes and Hamilton will be relieved after Turkey.

That is also the opinion of Jack Plooij, who has followed Hamilton's performance in 2020 well. "It is an exceptional achievement. He is a beautiful guest, only everything around him was very tame," Plooij explains in conversation with Motorsport.com. According to the pit reporter of Dutch Ziggo Sports, everyone was waiting for Hamilton to take Schumacher's records. "I think he proved something to his critics with this."

Hamilton best driver ever?

Hamilton's performance is a big difference with the performance of Valtteri Bottas, also in Turkey. Where the British drove dominantly to victory, Bottas spun six times to end up outside the points. "You can best see Lewis' class from the guy driving next to him. He has the same car and doesn't show it." Whether Hamilton is the best driver ever, Plooij doesn't dare say.

"I think you'll have to ask that again in ten years' time, when Max has also been world champion," Plooij explains. Max Verstappen now has to let Mercedes fight for the championship, but with new rules in the near future Red Bull Racing can strike a new blow to fight for the championship again. That fight will probably be against Lewis Hamilton, Plooij expects. "Mercedes wants to keep him and he wants to continue," concludes Plooij.

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