Horner jokes: "That's why we upset Toto Wolff so much”

21-11-2020 17:23 | Updated: 21-11-2020 19:39
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Horner jokes: That's why we upset Toto Wolff so much”

In the Talking Bull podcast, Christian Horner and David Coulthard look back at 300 races of Red Bull Racing, an event that the team has celebrated in Turkey. In the podcast Horner explains the culture of his team and why it gives Toto Wolff chills.

According to the team boss, it's the relaxed attitude that sets his team apart from the others on the grid. He explains: “There’s a vibe, there’s a buzz and people feed off that. And if you enjoy what you do you do it that much better. That’s why there’s people walking around the factory in jeans and t-shirt, or in shorts.

“We work hard, we play hard,” Horner says, laughing. “We play our music louder in the garage than the others. That energy just runs around the whole team. That's why we upset Toto Wolff so much."

No parties this year

When Horner is asked if Red Bull has changed anything about the parties over the years, he jokes: "We haven't had any parties this year."

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