Vettel criticizes: 'This has made the sport sterile'

21-11-2020 16:48 | Updated: 21-11-2020 17:26
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Vettel criticizes: 'This has made the sport sterile'

Formula 1 veteran Sebastian Vettel achieved his best result of the season last weekend in Turkey when he unexpectedly crossed the finish line in third place. The reason why he only managed this in Turkey reveals a flaw in the sport, he explains.

In an interview with the German Zeit, Vettel explains that the unusual conditions in Turkey allowed him drivers to "make more of a difference," rather than the power of the engine determining the ranking. 

For Vettel, the fact that racing talent only becomes significant when weather conditions change means there is a problem with the sport: "It would be good for Formula 1 if it wasn't always so perfect. Everything is becoming more and more sterile, especially when it comes to driving.

"Every centimeter is recorded with onboard cameras, the lines that we drive are recorded, we can compare, even across teams, with the GPS data.”

A little humanity

Vettel's advice? Put more emphasis on racing and introduce some more humanity: "With more humanity, the whole thing might be more interesting sometimes."

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