Hamilton looks back: 'Nobody on the kart track looked like me'

21-11-2020 15:19 | Updated: 21-11-2020 16:21
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Hamilton looks back: 'Nobody on the kart track looked like me'

With the continued dominance of Mercedes in mind, it is not surprising that Lewis Hamilton has taken the time for other things this season. The most important of these: improving diversity within the sport and using his platform in service of the Black Lives Matter movement. In light of this, Hamilton looks back on his youth on the kart track. 

In a conversation with Motorsport.com, the seven-time world champion admits he never had much faith in the ability to drive in Formula 1 in the past, for the following reason: "When I was younger, I didn't have anyone in this sport who looked like me. So it was easy to believe that it couldn't be. Because no one with that color has ever done it."

Hamilton goes on to say that they are pleased that non-white drivers are breaking into the sport, so children on the kart track now have a more diverse range of role models: "I think that hopefully sends a message to the children who are watching.”

Hamilton Commission

In his fight for a more diverse grid, the British driver doesn't just stick to words; he has also established the Hamilton Commission, with the aim of promoting diversity in technical professions. This in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering in England.

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