Tsunoda believes if you're good enough you only need one year in F2

20-11-2020 17:46 | Updated: 20-11-2020 19:18
by GPblog.com
Tsunoda believes if you're good enough you only need one year in F2

Yuki Tsunoda could find himself in an F1 seat next season after a short spell in Formula 2. The Japanese driver believes top talents only need one season in the feeder series. 

All or nothing for Tsunoda

The Youngster revealed how Marko gave him some advice to help him on his journey to F1. "Helmut [Marko, ed.] Told me to do well this season and be fifth for a super license," said Tsunoda.

"He said if I finished fifth in the championship I would have a chance to go into Formula One. If I didn't make it, I would go back to driving in Japan."

Norris, Russell and Leclerc didn't need longer

With a place in F1 up for grabs, Tsunoda pointed to current young drivers in F1 as examples of talent getting you to the pinnacle of motorsport. "If you are a good driver, like George Russell , Lando Norris or Charles Leclerc then you only need one year in F2. They didn't need two or three years."

The Carlin driver is keen on a seat in F1. It's not just his own dream that is at stake, but the wishes of thousands of Japanese people: "They are waiting for a Japanese F1 driver and I am the one closest to it. I want to deliver it to them."

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