Albon after spin: "The tyres still look good"

19-11-2020 15:46 | Updated: 19-11-2020 17:29
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Albon after spin: The tyres still look good

Just like Max Verstappen, Alexander Albon spun his RB16 during the Turkish Grand Prix. Both drivers went straight into the pit lane to replace the flat-spotted tyres. Albon, however, indicated via the onboard radio that he was still able to continue.

Spinning Albon

The race in Turkey was a tough one for many drivers because of the wet track. As the track dried up, the grip was somewhat restored, but the asphalt didn't dry 100%. Albon saw his Intermediate tires wear out in front of him, but he didn't lose any grip.

The Thai dared to take some risk with his old tyres on the still wet asphalt and got into a spin. The team brought him in, even though the driver indicated that he might be able to drive on.

Tyres looked good

"Honestly, the tyres look very good, but if you want me to come in, I will," can be heard on Albon's onboard radio via F1TV.  However, the teammate of Verstappen (just like Verstappen himself) also had to go inside, which changed the strategy.

Not only did Albon have much more trouble keeping his car under control on the tyres after his second pit stop, but the team could have saved the whole pitstop. Both Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez drove a one-stop strategy. This allowed Hamilton to win the race.

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