Verstappen: "This is a race to quickly forget"

F1 News

15 November at 12:45

It was not Max Verstappen's day in Istanbul. The Dutchman saw his chances of a victory and podium disappear due to various spins. He was quite dissatisfied after the race.

In front of the cameras of Ziggo Sport, Verstappen was not happy but realistic: "It was a very difficult race, it was just slippery behind Sergio. You can't overtake, it was so slippery. I already knew there was very little grip on the inside at the start, it's hard to get out of there."

"It was too slippery"

According to Verstappen, he never thought of switching to dry weather tyre. "It was not about switching to slicks at all, it was too slippery so you don't get to slicks. It's a race to forget. It's special that Lewis takes the seventh title and also a good race."

The Dutchman eventually finished in sixth position.