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Max is next level, but Leclerc had to do more on his own

"Max is next level, but Leclerc had to do more on his own"

13-11-2020 22:52


Frits van Amersfoort, team boss of Van Amersfoort Racing, has had a lot of talents in his Formula 3 team. In 2014 it was Max Verstappen, who was succeeded by Charles Leclerc in 2015.

When asked which of the two he prefers to be world champion, Van Amersfoort finds it difficult to make a choice.

"Max is next level"

"You have to remember that Max just belongs to the outside category, everybody agrees on that. But with Leclerc we have to remember that he didn't have Jos. He had to do a lot more under his own steam", said Van Amersfoort during the broadcast of Formula 1 Café at Ziggo Sport.

"Max was formed by Jos, and not by us. We gave him a very good service that year, but of course Jos is also a fantastic coach for Max. For a large part Charles had to do it on his own. His father was also a steering force at the time, but not in the form that Jos was".

Van Amersfoort remains modest about his share in the successes of the drivers. "We did our best, but those guys have the greatest talent. But of course it's very nice that two future world champions probably drove with us."

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