Ocon: "I expected to be back in shape pretty soon"

13-11-2020 20:46 | Updated: 13-11-2020 22:19
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Ocon: I expected to be back in shape pretty soon

When Esteban Ocon joined Renault this season after not having had a seat for a year, expectations were high. At Racing Point he had shown some great things on a regular basis and there were often great battles between Ocon and his teammate Sergio Perez. However, so far he has not lived up to the expectations.

So far, it has been Ocon's current teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, who has made an impression. He's finished on the podium twice in the last few races, and in the qualifying game it is 12-1 in Ricciardo's favour.

It took more time than I thought

"It's obvious he's just faster. After my gap year I thought I would be back in shape pretty soon and be able to continue where I left off. But it took more time than I thought," said the Frenchman to Motorsport-Total.com.

"At least that's how it was with the triple headers. We barely had time to analyze everything. We only had two days to get used to everything again, and then suddenly I was back in the heat of the moment."

He does see progress in his qualifications. "I'm closer now, and more where I should be. But I still have some things to improve. In general, I am more satisfied now than at the beginning of the year."

So what is the reason for this progress? According to Ocon it is mainly self-confidence, but also the communication between him and the team has improved.
"We did not work as one, now we are doing better. That also affects the setup of the car. Everything has become better as a result, and I feel better myself."

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