Verstappen is done with questions about swearing: "I've said everything about it"

12-11-2020 14:08 | Updated: 12-11-2020 16:54
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Verstappen is done with questions about swearing: I've said everything about it

Max Verstappen, like many of his colleagues, has driven on a number of unknown tracks this season. Due to the corona pandemic, a number of classic European circuits have been added to the 2020 calendar. The Dutchman is the last person you will hear complaining about that.

For most drivers it will be their first time on the Istanbul circuit. After Formula 1 left here about ten years ago, it hasn't been used much anymore. Yet Verstappen knows the track quite well. "I used to race a lot on this circuit in the F1 game, so I am looking forward to driving here. Certainly turn 8, which will be full throttle."

Back to old circuits

So Verstappen is happy that one of the old favourites are back on the calendar and he hopes this will happen more often in the future. Now that Vietnam won't go through next year, Verstappen sees opportunities to replace that Grand Prix with one of the classic circuits that were allowed to compete this year. Imola has his preference, although he also liked the Nürburgring and Portimao.

On that last circuit in the Algarve, Verstappen was discredited this year because he had used 'Mongol' as a swear word. The Red Bull driver is once again asked what he thinks of the fact that the Mongolian government has gone to the United Nations for this. "I have said everything about that. I'm not going to bring that up again," said Verstappen to at the press conference on Thursday.

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