What will be the missing race on the calendar? "They have the money"

10-11-2020 12:33 | Updated: 10-11-2020 17:52
by GPblog.com
What will be the missing race on the calendar? They have the money

Earlier on Tuesday, the calendar for 2021 was announced by the FIA. Zandvoort is moving to September and Vietnam is not on the map, which means that one country is still missing. Joe Saward gives Portugal or Turkey a good chance.

Saward, a respected Formula 1 journalist, checks his website to see which countries can fill in the missing spot on the calendar. In the calendar that has been released, a name is missing in the weekend of 25 April. This is due to the fact that the Vietnam Grand Prix will most probably not take place due to political struggles. The question therefore remains: who will take the spot?

Portugal or Turkey

2020 has shown that a season can be organised at the last minute on many new circuits. For next year, they hope at the FIA that the influence of coronavirus will be less than before, so that the regular calendar can continue. 

According to Saward there are two countries that would like to put the money down for another Grand Prix in their country. "F1 is hoping to find another promoter willing to pay for a race, with the suggestion being that either Turkey or Portugal may find the money," says Saward on his own website. Both countries got a spot on the calendar at the last minute this year because of coronavirus. This weekend the Turkish Grand Prix will take place.

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